After doing some searching and reading about how others accomplished this task, I discovered it is quite simple to do – especially in IIS 7.  The following outlines the steps I took to convert my SSL certificate from Apache/OpenSSL to IIS.

  1. Login to your Apache server (I’m assuming you’re running it on Linux), locate your private key and signed certificate.
  2. Run this command to combine/convert your private key and signed certificate to a format that can be imported into IIS 7:
    1. openssl pkcs12 -export -out my_iis_ssl_certificate.pfx -inkey my_private_ssl.key -in my_signed_ssl.crt -name ‘some_name’
  3. Upload the the newly-created pfx file to your IIS server.
  4. Login to your IIS server and open the IIS Manager application.
  5. Navigate to the settings for your server and, under the ‘IIS’ section, open the ‘Server Certificates’ settings.
  6. In the ‘Actions’ column (right side), click ‘Import…’
  7. For the ‘Certificate file (.pfx), click the ‘…’ button, navigate to where you saved the pfx file generated in step 2, select it, click ‘Open’ then ‘OK’.
  8. Now, in the left column of the IIS Manager, navigate to the website you want to use this SSL certifcate.
  9. In the ‘Actions’ column (right side), click ‘Bindings’.
  10. Add the https type of binding for your website if you haven’t already done so, otherwise select the https site binding and click the ‘Edit’ button.
  11. For the ‘SSL certificate’ option, select the certificate you just imported and click ‘OK’.
  12. Verify your certificate is working by visiting your website over https.

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